Technology Watch

It is often desirable for various organization to monitor the technological developments of other players operating in the same market. Ingenious offers technology watch to keep a track by monitoring the latest developments in the technology of interest by keeping an eye on latest innovations of the competitors and their market activity.

Purpose of Technology Watch

Purpose of Technology Watch

Technology watch studies are performed to monitor and track the technological, patenting, and market activity of the key competitors.

  • Helps in adapting research and development strategy
  • Tracking current activities of key competitors and determining key R&D focus
  • Allows monitoring competition and identify future partners.
  • Provides extensive view on technological environment

Why Ingenious for Technology Watch?

  • Customized qualitative and quantitative research to provide high-end in-sights related to continuous tracking the technology of key competitors.
  • Ingenious has its own developed databases and large network for watching, assessing, and delivering technology driven solutions.
  • Highly skilled consultants in technology and innovation management with wide range of experience in performing similar studies

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