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Locarno Classification

Locarno Classification: A Trending Tool for Design Searching

This whitepaper describes the fundamentals of design patent and different aspects of design search. Different paid and free databases that support design search and the type of input required by these databases are also described. This paper further includes an example of national and international classifications and the importance of Locarno classification in design search with a case study mentioning exemplary search results that are gathered using and without using Locarno classifications.

Recent Developments in Microbiome Therapeutics

The human microbiome has fascinated scientists for decades. With the advances in sequencing techniques, it has finally become possible for researchers to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. An entire industry dedicated to Microbiome Therapeutics is slowly taking shape, the sole purpose of which is to identify treatments for ailments such as cancer and autism based on minor alteration of the body microbiome. Although the human microbiome consists of bacterial, fungal and viral species, currently the industry is focused on the bacterial part of the microbiome.

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Next Generation Genome Editing Technologies

Renaissance took a lot of pain to take over the dark age of knowledge. A man was unaware of the living beings and varieties of species surrounding him Nobody in that era would have thought that a day would come when evolution will not seem magical instead man himself would become capable of instigating evolution. It is said that true powers lie in bringing out a change that we want to see and it is true philosophically as well as genetically.

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How Blockchain Technology Will Affect Platforms

Every new development in the field of technology creates disruption making the past technological standards obsolete and those who still use it, is just for the nostalgia (Bodkin,
2005) factor or lack of platform alternatives (Warren, 2015). Blockchain, is an online record-keeping innovation that will change how we conduct business It is a mutual, trusted, public record of exchanges,
that everybody can investigate however no single client controls it. It is also crypto-graphed, secure, and tamper resistant that cannot be re-circulated.

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Artificial Intelligence in Medical

One of the most promising areas of health innovations is the application of artificial intelligence (AI), primarily in medical imaging. With an irreversible increase in the amount of data and the possibility to use AI to identify findings either detectable or not by the human eye, radiology is now moving from a subjective perceptual skill to a more objective science. These technologies have the capability to: Sense, Comprehend, Act and Learn. AI is essentially a smart solution for compiling and analysing data, taking account of more variables than humans can, categorising the new data, predicting trends and ultimately identifying solutions.

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