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What is Metaverse?

Metaverse can be defined as a fusion of persistent, interconnected, 3D virtual space linked into a perceived virtual realm.

As we are heading forward, we are acquainted with several technological jargons such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and so on.

Axial Flux Motors in EVs’

Electric vehicles are seen as alternatives for standard combustion engine automobiles to deal with environmental challenges. Subsidies and tax relief provided by governments for the promotion of zero-emission vehicles and an increase in environmental awareness are some factors that have led to a growing demand for EVs in the market. Electric motors are used for the propulsion of EVs.

Data Fabric : A Case Study

Data Fabric can be explained as an environment that consists of a blend of architecture and services or technologies running on that architecture, which can help organizations manage their data. The main objective of it is to increase the value of users data to a maximum value and speed up the digital transformation process.

The structure of data fabric can be imagined as similar to a fabric or a weave which is stretched over a large space that connects multiple locations, types, and sources of data, with methods for accessing that data.

3D Integrated Circuits

3D Integrated Circuits

With the end of Moore’s law and the ever-increasing demand for compact chips, 3D Integrated Chips have come up as a potential solution to fulfill the requirement.

3D IC is a solution of high bandwidth, small form factor, and multi-function integration. It is the proper solution for meeting the requirements of electronic devices like better performance, high functionality, less power consumption, and a smaller footprint. Read this whitepaper to know about 3D integration technologies.

Improvements in Battery Cooling Technologies - Whitepaper

Improvements in Battery Cooling Technologies

Modern electric cars are provided with the latest technologies capable of being charged at speedy rates, which are expected to reach even higher rates with future vehicle models and better-charging infrastructure models.

A downside of these charging rates is that they significantly cause the battery to heat up.

A few of the approaches being taken to increase the cooling efficiency of EV batteries are explained in this whitepaper.

Future of standard essential patents in electric vehicle charging

Future of Standard Essential Patents in Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry. One of the major challenges faced by this industry in terms of EVs is the lack of proper charging infrastructure. Currently, we have three levels of charging. Level 1 – 120V, Level 2 – 240V, and Level 3 – DC rapid/fast/Superchargers. Based on these levels, we have different charging standards like Combined Charging System (CCS), CHAdeMO, Qi Standards, etc.

SOT-MRAM Research Overview Challenges and Current Market Trends

MRAM is becoming more attractive in the industry because of its promising prospects for replacing or extending existing random-access memories and being a promising candidate for the universal non-volatile (NV) storage device. MRAM offers several advantages compared to existing semiconductor technologies, as it is intrinsically non-volatile, requires low operating power, and has good endurance.

Blockchain in Automotive Industry - Ingenious e-Brain

Opportunities, Implementation, Challenges and Role of IP – Blockchain in Automotive Industry

Blockchain is touted to be a solution to complex problems in various industrial domains. The use of blockchain, especially in the automotive industry, is seen as the next disruptive technology. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, consortium formation, and implementations, blockchain is not far from being used along with current technologies and ultimately replacing them. Blockchain has great potential but also comes with specific challenges that the companies are trying to overcome. The use of blockchain in automotive is also indicated by the IP being filed by the companies. A lot of start-ups are also working in the implementation of blockchain in automotive. Through this whitepaper, we tried to focus on opportunities and implementation of blockchain along with potential issues for implementation. We also focused on IP related to automotive blockchain and patenting activity happening in the US.

Global Quantum Computing Research - Ingenious e-Brain

Global Quantum Computing Research – Overview, Challenges, and Expected Return Investors

Quantum computing is the most hyped and latest buzz around the corner. Quantum computing is evolving from rational thought to technological reality, and this is also occurring in the IP realm. Inventions in this industry might easily be a source of concern for patent specialists. Through this whitepaper, we tried to focus on issues faced while patenting quantum computing invention, should one file a patent or not, consequences being faced by it to become a reality, and are there any better possible solutions available other than patents.

Overcoming Challenges Faced During Gene Therapy Development for COVID-19 - Ingenious e-Brain

Overcoming Challenges Faced During Gene Therapy Development for COVID-19

The world is fighting an outbreak of respiratory disease, COVID-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Pharmaceutical companies worldwide have worked very hard and come up with vaccinations to treat and prevent the disease. Although vaccines developed are highly efficient in preventing the disease’s adverse events but still not for the treatment. On the other hand, cell and gene therapies are promising life-changing treatments for several death-causing diseases. Our team tried to focus on some key challenges that a company could face during the development of gene therapy for COVID-19 treatment and possible ways to overcome those in this whitepaper.

Opportunities for Companies with Production Capacity to Collaborate with Institutes with Ready Kits

Opportunities for Companies with Production Capacity to Collaborate with Institutes with Ready Kit

As the world is struggling to contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, healthcare infrastructure, and testing capacity have emerged as major issues. Based on our continuing research and service for our customers across the globe, we have various solutions for our clients to deal with such a situation of crisis and balance their business. There are various Institutions that have already developed their COVID-19 diagnostic kit, and some are still working on it. This report also covers the diagnosis of Covid-19 testing overview, methods and techniques. Comparison of results from different test types and Challenges faced during the development of the COVID-19 diagnostic kit.

Impact of COVID 19 on Oncology

Impact of COVID-19 on Oncology

COVID-19 pandemic has caused a tremendous shift in medical focus from almost every disorder to COVID-19 treatment. It has been observed that each step in the cancer management pathway has been disrupted by the COVID-19 virus that is the diagnosis, screening, treatment, research and development. This pandemic will most certainly continue to have an impact on cancer patients and their treatment for the foreseeable future.

Through this whitepaper, we have enlightened about the effect of COVID-19 on oncology diagnosis, screening, patient outcomes, treatment modalities, clinical trials, availability of drugs, clinical advancements and what pharmaceutical companies are doing to fight with this situation.

Locarno classification tool whitepaper - Ingenious e-Brain

Locarno Classification: A Trending Tool for Design Searching

This whitepaper describes the fundamentals of design patent and different aspects of design search. Different paid and free databases that support design search and the type of input required by these databases are also described. This paper further includes an example of national and international classifications and the importance of Locarno classification in design search with a case study mentioning exemplary search results that are gathered using and without using Locarno classifications.

Recent developments in microbiome therapeutics whitepaper - Ingenious e-Brain

Recent Developments in Microbiome Therapeutics

The human microbiome has fascinated scientists for decades. With the advances in sequencing techniques, it has finally become possible for researchers to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. An entire industry dedicated to Microbiome Therapeutics is slowly taking shape, the sole purpose of which is to identify treatments for ailments such as cancer and autism based on the minor alteration of the body microbiome. Although the human microbiome consists of bacterial, fungal and viral species, currently the industry is focused on the bacterial part of the microbiome.

Next-Generation Genome Editing Technologies

Renaissance took a lot of pain to take over the dark age of knowledge. A man was unaware of the living beings and varieties of species surrounding him Nobody in that era would have thought that a day would come when evolution will not seem magical instead man himself would become capable of instigating evolution. It is said that true powers lie in bringing out a change that we want to see and it is true philosophically as well as genetically.

Blockchain technology whitepaper - Ingenious e-Brain

How Blockchain Technology Will Affect Platforms

Every new development in the field of technology creates disruption making the past technological standards obsolete and those who still use it, is just for the nostalgia (Bodkin,2005) factor or lack of platform alternatives (Warren,2015). Blockchain is an online record-keeping innovation that will change how we conduct business It is a mutual, trusted, public record of exchanges,
that everybody can investigate however no single client controls it. It is also crypto-graphed, secure, and tamper-resistant that cannot be re-circulated.

Artificial intelligence in medical whitepaper - Ingenious e-Brain

Artificial Intelligence in Medical

One of the most promising areas of health innovations is the application of artificial intelligence (AI), primarily in medical imaging. With an irreversible increase in the amount of data and the possibility to use AI to identify findings either detectable or not by the human eye, radiology is now moving from a subjective perceptual skill to a more objective science. These technologies have the capability to Sense, Comprehend, Act and Learn. AI is essentially a smart solution for compiling and analyzing data, taking account of more variables than humans can, categorizing the new data, predicting trends and ultimately identifying solutions.

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