Process Optimization for Pizza Processing Line (Pre-Proofed Frozen Disk)
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A leading pizza player utilizes machinery/equipment, robotics to manufacture pizza at store level in their operations in US region, there were issues with slow speed, inconsistent dough quality and uneven thickness of dough. This caused less efficiency and performance in processing line and impacted returns on investment.

Business objective

The Client wanted our support in introducing a pizza processing line at very good price, at very fast speed and very high consistency of quality at manufacturing/industrial level.


The implementation approach began with providing solutions that are cost-effective, energy efficient, automated, consistent and ensure quality across pizza manufacturing steps – dough pressing & sheeting and freezing, having a production capacity of 10,000-14,000 pounds/hour, and are commercialized/ready to implement at manufacturing/ industrial level.

Client’s success details

This engagement helped the Client to understand the business impact of the pizza processing line. The following benefits and outcomes were delivered to the Client:

  • Helped the client by providing dough pressing and sheeting line and freezing line with high production capacity of 10,000-14,000 pounds/hour i.e., (148-207 pieces/minute).
  • Implementation of a ready-to-implement high-precision, consistent, and efficient dough pressing and sheeting line.
  • Success in mitigating challenges in pizza processing line such as stress-free dough sheets, damaged dough due to high pressure, uneven thickness, and inaccurate cutting of pizza bases.
  • Helped the client by providing freezer having structural design that reduce maintenance requirements, extend component life, and reduce downtime.
  • Helped the client with compact assembled freezing line solutions for an extensive range of food products in both low and high capacities, not restricted by confined factory spaces, belt width, direction or configuration.

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