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Competitive analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. It also incorporates company comparison based on various parameters such as financial growth, R&D investments, profit margins, geographic presence, critical strategic initiative, manufacturing facilities, distribution mix, product portfolio, and industries served.

Competitive analysis is the most crucial element of any company’s marketing and R&D strategy. We provide solutions which offers a decisive edge to a company and allows management and R&D teams to benchmark their IP position against the rival competitors. Our assessment provides both an offensive and protective premeditated context to identify opportunities and threats.

Purpose of Competitor Market Research

  • Recognizing SWOT- such as strength, weakness, opportunity and¸ threats of a company which gives insights about the key competitors in the market
  • Evaluating the present as well as future strategies of competitors
  • Knowing the tactics of potential competitors
  • Presuming the policies as per competitors’ tactics which need to be included in the decision-making procedure
  • Competitors’ products price research
  • Demand-Supply Gap analysis

Why Ingenious for Competitive Analysis?


Recognizes the requirement of the market that fit in with client’s products and services

  • Evaluating the positioning of key players in the market
  • Provide the clients with the suggestion based on the continuous monitoring of developments in the industry by key competitors

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