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Market sizing analysis estimates a market’s current scenario regarding companies’ overall revenue while dealing in any particular market. Another crucial component of market analysis is market forecasting analysis. It projects the future revenue characteristics and trends of the target market.


IEBS supports building scenario-based market models for clients to conveniently outline their strategy based on focused segment, geography, and timespan.

We delve into various industries for our clients to estimate & forecast the right and the most relevant segment, ensuring they make a critical decision with a narrowed focus. As a part of our estimation flow, we define the total addressable market (TAM), the Served Available Market (SAM), and the Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) for clients to organize their resources and reliably align them.


A market forecast is an essential part of any market study. It forecasts the size, characteristics, and trends of your target market in the future. Model-based forecast, probabilistic approach, visionary forecast, Etc., are the most common approaches to estimating market size. Other approaches may be influenced by information accessible on the market. For more accuracy and validation, multiple strategies and approaches are used effectively:

•        Historic Trend & Timeseries •        Demand- Supply Analysis
•        Factor Analysis •        Correlation Analysis
•        Probabilistic Approach •        Visionary Forecast
•        Survey and Judgement Forecasting •        Parent-peer Market Trend Analysis


  • Understanding the market’s potential before planning to launch a new product or service.
  • Outlining optimum investment planning based on the market potential for payback in a required timespan.
  • Understanding the company’s positioning in the market.
  • Strategizing product development activities based on shifting market trends.
  • Planning sales resources structuring and providing them the direction to approach the most rewarding segments.
  • Providing outlines for Go-to-Market strategies for the product line, geographic footprint, and industry-level expansion.

Why Ingenious e-Brain for Market Sizing and forecast?

  • IEBS follows a structural and multidimensional approach for market estimation, such as bottom-up & top-down, filling gaps between identified information.
  • We follow a 4-step data triangulation method viz. secondary research, primary research, IEBS repository, and critical client inputs, ensuring preciseness.
  • IEBS has a robust repository of know-how and background data for multiple domains, analysts’ reach to domain-specific free databases, and paid subscriptions to industry standards databases.
  • Our forecast methods are widely customized based on topics and market scenarios.
  • Our presented facts and figures are validated from multiple sources, and detailed qualitative and quantitative justifications are always enlisted for perusal.

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