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Chemical structure search plays a vital role in IP-related operations that involve stringent searches for novel chemical molecules or challenging novelty of already patented chemical molecules of an innovator. The search focus on recognizing the names and structures from embedded drawings of chemical compounds published in databases. This service promotes innovative activities explicitly across research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and individual scientists or researchers.

We carry out an unmitigated search on several databases to depict the structure and composition of a novel chemical compound or molecule. The results extracted from this search facilitate researchers in filing intellectual property for their discoveries.

Why is Chemical Structure Search Imperative?

  • To facilitate IP-related ventures that demand structural analysis of chemical molecules or originality of patented molecules.
  • To strengthen patentability search and landscape study across industries.
  • To reinforce FTO search results.

Why Ingenious for Chemical Structure Search?

  • We have access to numerous renowned online databases for chemical structure searches.
  • We conduct Markush structure searches, chemical reaction scheme searches, and concept-based searches.

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