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Chemical structure searches play a crucial role in IP related projects that demand to search for a novel chemical molecule or challenging novelty of granted chemical molecules of an innovator. Similarly, sequence search is an integral part of IP searches wherein novel peptide or nucleotide sequences are to be searched, and our searches can meet the demand of clients for freedom-to-operate or challenge the novelty of granted sequences. We are trustworthy patent search firm that offers quality and cost-effective sequence and chemical structure search services to our customers worldwide.

IEBS performs 360° searches on chemical structures/reactions for various IP projects such as:

  • Landscape study
  • FTO study
  • Invalidity Search
  • Prior art search
  • Whitespace analysis

Purpose of Chemical Structure Search

  • Help in IP relevant projects which demands to search for chemical molecule or novelty of granted molecules of an innovation
  • FTO or challenge novelty of granted sequences
  • Landscape study
  • Whitespace analysis

Why Ingenious for Chemical Structure Search?

  • Chemical structure search database on STN
  • Do Markush structure search
  • Do chemical reaction scheme search
  • Do concept based searches like MOA, property/class of the compound

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