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Before launching a product or service in the market, conducting a Freedom to Operate (FTO) or Clearance Search is considered necessary. FTO is an exhaustive search to determine potential risks of infringement activity associated with the research, development, and commercialization of a product/ technology/ service, which may cause a licit threat to the innovator or manufacturer.

We facilitate our customers in understanding the repercussions associated with the infringement and avoiding litigation. Our highly-expertise patent analysts identify the active patent applications specifying claims, which may pose a risk of violation for innovative products, services, or technologies.

Why is FTO Search Imperative?

  • To precisely measure infringement risks.
  • To emphasize licensing scope and requirements.
  • To deliver proper assistance related to R&D activities.

Why Ingenious for FTO?

  • We employ an exhaustive combinatorial approach that includes automation, human intelligence, and self-fabricated smart tools to conduct FTO searches.
  • We provide crucial data related to active as well as expired patents.
  • We carry out a comprehensive analysis of all the relevant claims.
  • We also provide clinical trial information to pharmaceutical companies seeking to file patent applications for novel drug molecules.

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