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Patent landscape reports provide a snapshot of the patent situation of a specific technology, either within a given region or globally.

Landscapes are used to make strategic decisions on investments, research and development (R&D) directions, competitors’ activity, and freedom to operate in introducing new products.

Ingenious landscape reports have multidimensional technical insights backed by analytics which is valuable for a diverse background of people from R & D Industries, Universities, and Institutes, Legal and Business personnel.

Purpose of conducting Landscape Search

  • Understand the IP for products and technologies
  • Identify key technology players
  • White space analysis
  • Tracking the evolution of a technology

Why Ingenious e-Brain Solutions for Landscape Analysis?

  • Detailed analysis covering:-

a) R&D Insights – components, compositions, techniques, processes, alternative technologies, etc.

b)  Business Insights – technology advantage, challenges, high activity areas, low activity areas, future opportunities, competitors, licensing and collaboration opportunities, etc.

c) Legal Insights – patent protection duration for important technologies of all the players, legal barriers in the technology and possible needs for claim modifications.

  • Technical insights are supported with analytics and infographics
  • Highlights whitespaces for future opportunities
  • Provide separate analysis and insights for the recent cutting-edge research
  • Quick and Customized Landscape service

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