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Data curation services involve consolidating various proprietary technologies to reinforce innovation, starting from the proposal to commercialization in the life sciences domain.

Ingenious e-Brain provides high-end solutions on a specific domain technology in the form of meaningful insights. We have access to various open and subscription-based databases through which our team of data curators gathers, validates, organizes, and serves the data related to patents, clinical trials, scientific literature, and other publications. We provide clients with the most reliable and integrated data on multi-omics, artificial intelligence, drug discovery, and others.

Why is Data Curation Imperative?

  • To grasp comprehensive pre-clinical and clinical information on diagnosis, prognosis, drug response, efficacy, toxicity, and technology applications.
  • To manage gigantic unstructured data and generate factual insights from it.
  • To organize domain-specific authorized databases for ease of accessing information.

Why Ingenious for Data Curation?

  • We have access to numerous sophisticated and curated databases that provide authentic information related to ailment identification, drug discovery, AI technology, and other customized solutions.
  • We provide leading expertise in data validation, interpretation, & comprehensive report formation to emphasize the crucial insights for informed decision-making.
  • We provide customized databases with a simplified user interface.

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