Data Curation

Various organizations often seek for support to provide high-end solutions on the specific domain technology in the form of meaningful insights. IEBS works on custom request and offer flexible payment and turnaround time options for curating data from different paid and open databases which includes patents, scientific literature, clinical trials, other publications. We provide the most reliable and integrated data on biomarkers identification, artificial intelligence technology, drug discovery and others by collating, validating, and extracting information from sources.

Purpose of Data Curation

Purpose of Data Curation

Data curation services are amalgamation of various proprietary technologies to power innovation in life sciences across the value chain from discovery to market.

  • Generation of various full proved databases with relevant domain specific information.
  • Databases will deliver in-detailed pre-clinical and clinical critical insights into diagnosis, prognosis, treatment-response, efficacy and toxicity, technology applications etc.
  • Analyze large amount of unstructured data and providing meaningful facts-based insights

Why Ingenious for Data Curation?

  • Well-developed and curated databases for different biomarkers used in disease identification, drug discovery, artificial intelligence technology, and also provides other customized database solutions.
  • Offer leading expertise in data validation, interpretation, & report preparation to bring most valuable insights for precise and accurate decision making.
  • Provides customized database within easy to operate user- interface.
  • Offers dynamic dashboards to analyze and generate key insights from the database.

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