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The emergence in technologies is creating disruption. The new technologies can create entirely new markets, offer a critical edge in competitive battles, or jeopardize existing products or even whole industries. Thus, a robust analytics solution provider company is a key for innovative organizations; leaders recognize the importance of access to external technology as an important element in transforming innovation into a successful business.

Ingenious e-Brain offers dedicated technology scouting services for every size of corporations in search of the new technologies in their area, or beyond. Our professional team can filter hundreds of start-ups around the globe in search of accurate solutions. We have enriched experience and provide solutions to several businesses.

Purpose of Technology Scouting

The primary purpose of technology scouting is that it assists small and medium-size corporations to recognize new technologies, channel tech-related data into the company support novice technology in a corporate context. Technology scouting combines expertise, research, and proven processes for road-mapping the innovation that can impact your business.

  • Insightful understanding of internal innovation challenges in large companies
  • Extension of internal capability
  • Technology mapping for comparative analysis with different parameters associated with technology
  • Identify technology in the adjacent domain by analysing the gaps

Why Ingenious for Technology Scouting?

  • Recognize, discover, and analyze emerging technology in your industry and beyond
  • Identifying similar technologies of adjacent domain
  • Technology ranking based on scalability, feasibility, and different parameters
  • Help businesses to make informed decisions on new ideas
  • Deliver best results for sustained innovation and growth

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