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White space analysis is an insightful evaluation of published and filed technology patents under the respective domains. The analysis aims to recognize the unexplored avenues across the current technology market and then concentrate on filing for a new patent.

Ingenious e-Brain has invested in forming a robust team of qualified & experienced analysts that conducts an in-depth white space analysis to help you gain a significant competitive advantage. We identify a few unexplored subdomains with a high possibility of advanced R&D for innovation.

Why is White Space Analysis Imperative?

  • To locate potential technological gaps in a product or process
  • To recognize favourable investment opportunities in the unexplored regions and domains’ sections, which have the potential to nurture.
  • To determine brand sustainability within the market.
  • To strengthen IP portfolio for building an efficient IP ecosystem

Why Ingenious e-Brain Solutions for White Space Analysis?

  • We address the technical issues associated with the novel process or technology.
  • We employ highly efficient and sophisticated patent analytics tools to determine the product or technology novelty.
  • We also provide impeccable white space analysis reports for various geographical patent locations.

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