Neurocosmetics: Revolutionizing Beauty Through Neuroscience
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Neurocosmetics: Revolutionizing Beauty Through Neuroscience

June 14 @ 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm

We are organizing CrossTalk—an interactive dialogue session—on “Neurocosmetics: Revolutionizing Beauty Through Neuroscience, which will primarily include discussions around the latest trends in the neuro-cosmetics domain. The session aims to provide a deep understanding of consumer perspectives on personalized skincare, analyze the competitive landscape, and highlight emerging areas like advanced formulations for stress-related skin issues. This session also serves as a platform for industry leaders to collaborate, understand, and discuss market dynamics, consumer needs, and future opportunities in neuro-cosmetics.

The session will be held on June 14, 2024, at 9:00 AM [PDT] and 12:00 Noon [EST].

Conventional approaches to neuro-cosmetics delivery, particularly topical applications, face significant challenges due to the complex nature of the skin’s microenvironment and a multitude of physiological and biochemical factors. Therefore, diversifying neuro-cosmetic formulations has become essential. Additionally, the substantial rise of personalized skincare and sophisticated delivery systems necessitates significant advancements in developing suitable formulations. Efforts to create more stable, responsive, safe, and compatible neuro-cosmetic products, combined with monitoring regulatory changes and effectively engaging with providers, require access to comprehensive market data, which is crucial for securing a prime position in the market—a complex process. The journey to improving a neuro-cosmetic product’s market placement entails a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, tracking coverage details, and optimizing strategies to secure a favorable position.

Meet our dynamic expert trio, Dr. Deepti Tayal, Hitesh Gupta, and Diksha Mishra! With extensive experience in business research and advisory consulting, they provide invaluable support to major consumer product goods players. The team has assisted numerous clients with market and opportunity assessment, new product development roadmap, competitive intelligence, go-to-market strategy, and strategy consulting.



Curious about what this insightful session brings for you?

In this session, we will be exploring current market trends and providing a comprehensive analysis of consumer preferences and behaviors. Attendees will gain insights into the competitive landscape and understand how leading companies are positioning themselves. The discussion will help recognize emerging key areas and the cutting-edge technologies driving innovation in neuro-cosmetics. Our experts will lead the discussions around the latest advancements industry leaders are focusing on, along with their industry implications. This session is tailored for professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on future opportunities in the neuro-cosmetics sector.


Willing to join the talk?

We will be discussing about:

● Analysis of current products and their impact on the market.

● Consumer demand and awareness related to neurocosmetics.

● Advances in biotechnology and their application in neurocosmetics.

● Insights from industry leaders on the potential of neurocosmetics.

● Challenges and opportunities in bringing neurocosmetic products to market.

● Predictions for the next 5-10 years in neurocosmetics.

● Potential for neurocosmetics to merge with other fields, such as mental health and wellness.

● The role of personalized neurocosmetics in the future.


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    June 14
    9:30 pm - 10:30 pm