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The packaging industry has been driven by innovation, particularly in the areas of sustainability. There has been a growing trend towards sustainable packaging solutions, with companies increasingly seeking to reduce their environmental impact. This has led to the development of a range of sustainable solutions, such as biodegradable packaging, plant-based packaging materials (vegetable oil packaging and paperboard packaging), peelable packaging, and recycled materials.

Researchers are further working on active and intelligent packaging technologies to improve the functionality and safety of packaging. Active packaging can help extend the shelf life of products by incorporating materials that absorb moisture or inhibit the growth of bacteria. Intelligent packaging uses sensors and other technologies to provide information about the product’s condition, such as its temperature or freshness. 

Overall, the packaging sector is evolving rapidly, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and automation. These advancements are helping companies reduce their environmental impact, improve product safety, and increase efficiency.

Ingenious e-Brain (IeB) assesses the strategic paths and actions focused on the short to long-term horizon, usually ranging from 1 to 20 years down the line. We support our clients in defining their strategic paths for the future through technology, market intelligence, competitive intelligence services, and implementation practices in a pragmatic manner, facilitating decision-making, and translating the strategy into feasible initiatives.

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Active Packaging

  • Novel materials
    • Natural Active agents
    • Stimuli-responsive materials
  • Controlled-release mechanisms of active agents
    • Nanoencapsulation
  • Anti-oxidant systems
    • Oxygen Scavengers/absorbers
  • Elongation of the shelf life
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Internet of Things (IoT) in packaging

  • QR codes
    • Secures the package
  • Smart labels/tags
    • Provides Product Informatics
    • Traceability
  • Near field communication (NFC) chips
    • Authenticity
    • Reusable
    • Reduce Carbon footprint
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Smart Packaging

  • Sensors
    • Detect pathogens
    • Integrity indicators
    • Gas detectors
    • Time and Temperature indicators
    • (RFID) system
  • Holographic technology
    • Prevents piracy
  • Nano-reinforcements
    • Improve mechanical and barrier properties
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Antimicrobial Packaging

  • Agents
    • Guanidine-based polymers
    • Inorganic chlorine dioxide
    • Natural agents e.g. essential oils, chitosan, living micro-organisms
  • Eco-friendly substrates
    • Polysaccharides
    • Protein based
    • Lipid-based
  • Nanoparticles, nanofillers, bio-nanocomposites reinforcement
    • Ag, Cu, MgO, TiO2
    • Gelatine, alginate, graphene
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Digital Printing

  • Thermo-chromatic inks
    • Anthocyanins
  • Photochromic inks
    • Sunlight-activated
    • Phosphorescent inks
  • Emerging printing technologies
    • Stereo-lithography
    • Extrusion-based 3D printing
  • Minimizes packaging material
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  • Alternative reality
  • Internet of things
    • Anticounterfeiting
    • Predicts product shelf life
  • Robotics
    • Robotic case packers
    • Safe handling
    • High precision
  • Product sorting systems
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Edible Packaging

  • Seaweed packaging
    • CO2 absorption
    • Nutritious
  • Bio-polymers
    • Protein
    • Polysaccharide
    • Lipids
  • Edible films/coatings for food
    • Spirulina – Blue economy, antibacterial effect
    • Agrifood residues – circular economy
  • Packaging type
    • Food wrapped in food
    • Packaging that disappears
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Sustainable Packaging

  • Water-soluble packaging
    • PVOH
  • Recyclable packaging
    • Polyester straps
  • Reducing packaging material
    • Expanded polypropene
    • Corrugated packaging
  • Renewable packaging
    • Soy or vegetable-based ink for printing
    • Fibre-based
  • Biodegradable packaging
    • Paper

Raw Material Providers


Ingredient Manufacturer

Supplier/ Distributor

Product Manufacturer

End User

Raw materials sourcing from AgriFarming

Provides equipment / machinery for processing raw materials

Process / extract ingredients from raw materials

Supplies / distributes ingredients to product manufacturer

Manufactures food and beverage products utilizing ingredients

End users of the products

  • Fiber-based
  • Novel Biomaterials (PLA, bioplastic, starch-based)
  • Biodegradable and Compostable Plastics
  • Glass, Metals
  • Nano Materials
  • Adhesive & Coating Materials
  • Other Plant-based Materials
  • Material Scouting
  • Supplier Identification
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Regulatory Assessment
  • Geographical Hot Spot Study
  • Market Estimation
  • Trend Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic Films
  • Metal Sheet
  • Glass Bottles/Containers
  • Metal Cans
  • Packaging Foams
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Packaging Labels and Tags
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Customer/Partner Identification
  • Application/Technology Scouting
  • Identifying Energy and Cost-efficient Solutions
  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitors Best Practices
  • Cardboard Boxes and Cartons
  • Plastic Bottles and Containers
  • Glass Jars and Bottles
  • Printed Metal Cans
  • Flexible and Rigid Packaging Solution
  • Multilayer Packaging Solution
  • Protective Packaging
  • Technology/Trend Analysis
  • Supplier Analysis and Profiling
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Customer Analysis
  • Regulatory Assessment
  • Supply Chain Study
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Packaging Selection
  • Packaging Printing and Branding
  • Packaging Quality Control & Compliance
  • Packaging Safe Handling
  • Consumer/Partner Identification
  • Supply Chain Study
  • New Business Models
  • New Product Development Scenarios
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Opportunity
  • Individual Customers
  • Restaurants and Food Services
  • Industrial and Commercial Users
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • service 1
  • service 2
  • service 3
  • service 4
  • Collection of Waste Products
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability Shift
  • Mechanical Recycling
  • Chemical Recycling
  • Energy Recycling
  • Biocatalytic Recycling
  • Digitization & Automation
  • Technology Scouting
  • Market Opportunity
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction Analysis
  • Regulatory Assessment
  • Customer Identification
  • Supplier Outlook
  • Application Scouting
  • Future Trend Analysis
Key Functions
  • CEO & Corporate Strategy
  • CTO & RD&I Leadership
  • BU & Operations Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Open Innovation, Scouting & M&A Leadership
  • CMO, Marketing Leadership
Client’s Key Business Objective
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Support Integration
  • Innovation
  • Competitive
  • Regulatory
  • Strategic
  • Market
  • Sustainable

Client’s Success Story

A Leading multinational confectionery, food,
holding and beverage and snack food company.

Business Objective

The client wanted to explore fiber-based packaging (flexible and rigid) materials solution that can deliver high barrier properties (moisture, oxygen), high paper/fiber content (at least 75% by weight), meet various supply chain solutions (shelf stable, refrigerated, hot fill), and leverage coating/additives that do not impede recycling/circularity.
The main objective of the engagement was to monitor and track new developments in “Fiber Based Packaging Material Solutions”

Research Methodology

  • Secondary Research: Conducted exhaustive desk research to understand technologies and the overall demand for fiber-based packaging.
  • Referred paid databases and identified patents/literature around them.

Key Business Questions

  • Which are the recent scientific advances with potential commercial significance: high-impact publications just off the press?
  • What are the publicly disclosed funding, ventures, partnerships, collaboration, licensing activities, and relationships between organizations working in this area?
  • Which are the regulatory filings, and how does the regulatory roadmap look like: all upcoming requests and approvals in various geographies?

Benefits to the Client

  • Helped the client understand new technological developments in the fiber-based packaging domain.
  • Helped the client understand different coating technologies used with fiber-based back packaging to provide barrier properties and supply chain attributes.
  • Helped the client by highlighting the key projects and consortiums in the domain, along with major regulations in the domain.

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Innovation Director

Stora Enso
Paper mill company, Finland

As a Front-End Innovation Director, I’ve worked with Ingenious e-Brain on several innovation-based projects. With their robust support, we identified trending novel packaging materials, new products, and concepts for different markets. The delivered project report from them was always on time, excellent, and very well organized.


Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)

Sealed Air Corporation
Packaging company, North Carolina

I’ve worked with some remarkable organizations, and Ingenious e-Brain is no exception. I am highly convinced by the list of flexible packaging materials suppliers you have sourced, as we were dealing with the supply chain disruption. The valuable data on potential suppliers provided by IeB experts helped us restrict transportation expenditure.


Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)]

Mondi plc
Multinational packaging and paper group

Indeed!… Ingenious e-Brain is the best strategic partner for our agribusiness. We were stressed about the post-harvest losses due to cross-border distributions in an unpredictable environment. To navigate this challenge, they helped us recognize the cost-effective temperature-controlled storage solutions and best-fit packaging solutions to enhance our products’ shelf life.


Regional Distribution Officer (RDO)]

Carton-producing company, Norway

I’m blown away by the exceptional service and results delivered by Ingenious e-Brain. They truly understood our needs and tailored their solutions accordingly. As a shipping services provider, we were seeking the best-quality and economical packaging materials; and you guys came up with all the relevant cardboard-based packaging materials. We’re definitely coming back for more!

frequently asked questions

Some of the major elements of techno-commercial assessment are:

  • Techno-economic Assessment
  • Techno-commercial Feasibility
  • Estimating Quality and Quantity
  • Process Configuration
  • Gap Assessment
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Plans and Deployments

We start by foreseeing any significant changes in the industry, followed by a detailed analysis of key industry trends and exponential technologies. The next steps in the process are technology landscaping & deep diving, market & regulation assessment, technology road-mapping & future planning, and creating an opportunity radar framework.

Some of the major steps include:

  • Partner/Supplier Collaboration & M&A Support
  • Technology Adoption
  • Technology Licensing or Commercialization
  • Technology Benchmarking
  • Due Diligence
  • Technology Implementation Ecosystem

Here are the steps used for strategic positioning:

  • Solution Scouting and Benchmarking
  • Technology, Market, and Business Model Evaluation
  • Innovation Pipeline Development
  • Partner & Supplier Identification & Assessment
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Customer Analysis

At IEBS, we start with a detailed impact analysis which is followed by a quick run-through of major collaborations or agreements. After that, it includes steps like innovation product outlook, checking technology readiness level and market readiness level with technology licensing being the last step.

Here are the steps involved in the process of supply chain transformation:

  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Customer Collaboration and Fulfillment
  • Distribution and Logistics Transformation
  • Product Innovation and Product Life Cycle Management

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