Webinar – Statistical Analysis of Patent Data

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host a free webinar discussion on “Statistical Analysis of Patent Data”. Statistical analysis plays a crucial role in getting in-depth information from patent data. Project churned out from landscape, technology scouting or competitor patent analysis result in generation of good data sets with many observations and variables. […]

Webinar – CRISPR-Cas9 : Technology Intelligence

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host a free webinar discussion on “CRISPR-Cas 9 : Technology Intelligence”. Targeting the correct gene remains a challenge to deleterious effects, collateral damage and ethical concerns. Nevertheless, gene therapy is already in use. […]

WebEx-Recent Efforts in the Battle against Sugar

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host a free webinar discussion on “Recent Efforts in the Battle against Sugar”. Liking for Sweet taste is widely considered to be one of a small number of basic or primary qualities. The power of sweet taste is such that it can persuade one to consume more and motivate behavior, suggesting the importance of this sense for many species. Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet drink or treat? […]

Blockchain Technology Transforming next Generation Business Platform

Come witness how Blockchain technology will transform next generation business platform.
With every new development in technology, organizations must adapt or risk falling behind the competition curve, taking into consideration with more than billions already invested by Venture Capitalists in the technology. From the idea of a public ledger that is decentralized and stores, each transaction data in the cryptographic chain form the application for it is limitless. […]

Patent Protection in Emerging Countries

Intellectual property protection is important emerging economies because it helps in the creation of new knowledge, broad sharing of knowledge, and promotes economic growth. Economic growth is through increased foreign direct investments, transfers of innovations, creation of new enterprises, and lowering transaction costs in trade. […]

WebEx-DNA Data Storage

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host a free webinar discussion on “DNA Data Storage”.In last few years, there is quite a buzz around storing digital data into DNA and it has gained huge impetus in both research institutes and industries trying to capitalize the vast opportunities in the information technology age. […]

Unlocking Secrets of Human Microbiome

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host free webinar discussion on Current Trends in Human Microbiome technology followed by a Q&A session. […]

2017 IPO Annual Meeting – Intellectual Property Owners Association

Date: 17 September 2017 – 19 September 2017
Venue: San Francisco Marriott Marquis

We are glad to announce that Ingenious e-Brain will be participating in the 45th annual meeting of IPO 2017 conference.
The conference will feature world-renowned experts on patent information for technology research and planning, for legal organizations, for patent offices, […]

World IP Day-Webinar

26th of April is celebrated as World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property rights play in promoting innovation. […]

Securing Internet of Things

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host free webinar discussion on “Securing Internet of Things” to cover the challenges in security in Internet of Things (IoT) devices and explore security innovations. The IoT is transforming the way both operational and strategic security decisions are performed. The pervasive connectivity of the IoT has increased the security risk in embedded devices than ever before. To add on, the complexity of IoT devices is further multiplying the difficulties of security. Many companies and academia are innovating in the IoT security space and pursuing patent protection. […]