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5 Businesses That Skyrocket Amid This Lockdown

“Humanity has been fighting plagues from the beginning. They kick our butts for a while. Then we attack back.” But, for now, we are in the middle of the storm. It seems that the world has gone crazy. The world stock exchanges are bleeding, the price of a barrel is falling, businesses are paralyzed, and significant events. The quarantine of the coronavirus has been activated in regions; the habits of consumers have changed. In this commotion, irreducible businesses arise that resist the invader, who know how to take advantage of the situation and see an opportunity where others see the crisis. Below we show you 5 sectors that will gain profit during this quarantine.


The basic manual of how to survive an apocalypse: go to the nearest supermarket and collect the necessary provisions to endure the days to come. The survival kit is made up of water, non-perishable food, and medicines. Essential supplies to be able to take in case the situation worsens than expected.
Thus, consumers have filled their food carts and swept supermarket shelves. Queues and queues have flooded the halls of these businesses. There have always been products to supply and now, too. The services of the food and distribution sectors are very efficient all over the world.


We have seen thousands of posters in areas and public centers advising citizens to wash their hands. Psychosis has reached such an extreme that cleaning hands has become an act of first necessity (as when we look at the mobile).
The need to buy hand sanitizer gel is preceded by the impossibility of washing our hands at all times. There is no toilet in every corner of the city to keep your hands off COVID-19. These types of products have skyrocketed their sales in recent days. This product has even invaded the beauty sector, and three different models are among the top 10 for Amazon sales.
But the jewel in the crown is undoubtedly the masks. The increase in the value of this product is estimated between 500 and 1000%. Specifically, a 3M brand medical mask has increased during the coronavirus crisis.


The current state of uncertainty causes many people to decide to avoid human contact. So a brilliant solution is to stay home (waiting for patients for the virus to contain itself). And what is the best way to cope with exile at home? Streaming platforms. Eternal Sunday: series, blanket, and popcorn. Platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and now, Disney have seen their subscriptions increase in recent weeks. For example, Netflix has reported a 15% increase in its shares.


Under the same theory as in the previous point, the fear of going out and getting infected forces people to stay at home. So, most radicals, choose to order food at home. E-commerce and food delivery platforms have skyrocketed their sales. Many delivery companies are anticipating events and already offer the possibility of delivery without physical contact. “We know that there are always people who, for health reasons, might prefer a contactless delivery experience, and we believe this will provide customers with that option,” Postmates’ third-party delivery service blog explains. Everything is to reduce the chances of getting coronavirus.


“What do I do now with my children?” Wonder about some parents who cannot take care of their offspring. After the closure of the educational centers, the children have been released without adult supervision. Although grandparents could take over, those responsible for health security advise that they are not the ones who take on this task because they are high-risk people. As always: where the need is, the business is. Kangaroos, babysitters, nannies, and all kinds of caregivers come to the rescue of this brown for parents. A business implemented, mostly, by university students, who have also seen how universities closed. People are desperate, and we can throw a cable, in addition to earning extra money.

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