With the intensifying global climate change discourse, industry leaders feel the urgency to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius. This has prompted corporations to pivot towards low carbon-emitting technologies and operations, navigating a transformative journey to meet the urgent demands of a sustainable future. 

Considering this alarming situation, we’ve come up with an innovative and savvy life cycle assessment (LCA) tool, CarboCompute™, that will redefine how we support the environment by efficiently promoting sustainability in our businesses and communities.

CarboCompute™—CCUS calculator—is a proprietary & pioneering tool crafted by Ingenious e-Brain experts that provides the life cycle assessment for CCUS systems to explain the carbon equivalent footprint or CO2 footprint across the entire CCUS value chain. It is followed by actionable consulting to implement the best practices for reduced environmental impact.

CarboCompute™ is not merely a tool; it is a testament to our unwavering dedication to fostering sustainability. This remarkable carbon equivalent footprint calculator offers an unparalleled depth of analysis, meticulously examining the environmental footprint at each stage of a product’s lifecycle—from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, and eventual disposal.



CarboCompute™ ensures to cover multiple geographies, plant conditions, technologies in focus, and different consumptions/ sources or each parameter. Thus, our novel tool considers comprehensive input data, including Plant Details, Input Variables, Process and Source Variables, Source of Variables, Process Variables, Shipment Details, and Utilization Pathways, to provide strategic insights & precise solutions for enterprises striving on the track towards sustainability. 

Our model will have multiple scenarios stored at the backend, which individually will be utilized based on combinations of inputs provided; the data feed in those scenarios is ensured based on IeB technology consultants. 

The results derived by our tool include: 

● CO2 or carbon equivalent footprints across the value chain

● Theoretical analysis of different scenarios before investment

● Analysis of the need for any technology or process modification

● Decision-making around investments

● Comprehensive analysis of all dependent and independent variables


Key Features of the CarboCompute™ Tool

● Dynamic input and output dashboards

● Structured and intuitive interface

● Covers multiple scenarios followed by technologies

● Vast range of data on carbon emission factors linked inside

● Plug and Play options


Snippets of the results generated by our groundbreaking tool


Through its intuitive interface and robust functionalities, CarboCompute™ empowers decision-makers with invaluable insights. It transcends mere measurement, serving as a strategic compass guiding enterprises towards environmentally conscious practices and choices.

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