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With the rapid change in lifestyles and unhealthy dietary habits, resulting to rise in frequency of diabetes around the globe. Additionally, obesity is one main factor impacting to diabetes. As per WHO, millions of individuals were obese in 2016 and this number will grow at the forecast growth.

Diabetes is a clinical issue where incapability of pancreas to produce insulin results in the enhancement of glucose level in the body. Diabetes patients faces several regular challenges such as regular administering of insulin and dietary restriction. Thus, anytime anywhere nature of the digital technology allows patients to address the health issues by associating with healthcare team and sharing data. This is creating the digital ecosystem of the data driven tools which connect patients and their care team for the perfect management of diabetes.

Our client, world-leading player in healthcare domain, dedicated to enlightening the health and lives of people with diabetes monitoring systems.

Digital diabetes management has a big impact on people’s lives, it is mainly driven by the rising prevalence of diabetes, increasing focus on the development and adoption of digital platform for diabetes, and technological advancements.

Client wants to develop Digital diabetes management solution. So, before entering the market client asked us to search the market trends.

Among a multitude of challenges that the client needed help, a few are decribed below:

  • Identify the trends of the market before developing digital diabetes management solution
  • Analyze and identify the key players activities
  • Identify the technological development of key players

Our Solution

  • By defining the relevance criteria, we extracted the exhaustive list of patents from multiple paid database,
  • To extract relevant patent sets, we use multiple search strategies to get exhaustive list.
  • To deep dive into the domain, we divided the digital diabetes management into multiple categorize
  • And categorized the patent based on their technology and features, this help to give clear picture of technology trends, R&D activities of the players, and connecting this information with other players activities to define their future strategies & technology trend.
  • Exhaustive list of active players those are dedicatedly working in the domain of diabetes management, mainly divided into two categorize, Major Players & Startups.
  • Tracking their activities in terms of investments, collaboration, product launch, and merger & acquisition
  • Connecting the dots from multiple information sources gives a clear picture of Digital diabetes management

The output we get-

The landscape for diabetes management systems, including matured technology, emerging players and whitespace analysis

Also enabling technologies, collaborations, recent product launch, trials etc. which dictates the current scenario and the vision for future possibilities of diabetes management.

Business Impact

  • Our insights enabled the client to monitor innovative technologies, products, and major market trends.
  • The activity helped to identify early signs of threats and category killers that could negatively impact the client’s innovation pipeline and product plans.
  • Detailed information of white space helps the client for the investment plans & future strategies.

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