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Importance of Plant based meat


Industrial livestock production presents a growing problem on a global scale in terms of animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and human health. Animal agriculture occupies almost half the land on earth, consumes a quarter of our freshwater and destroys our ecosystems. It is in turn imperative to shift towards sustainable solutions, especially when there is availability of plant as meat alternatives without compromising the flavor, texture and overall taste of the meat products. There is no denying the fact that plant-based meat is growing multi-billion-dollar industry that can save ecosystem of earth to a great extent. The plant-based trends will be growing continuously encouraging the individuals to eat much legumes, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

Advantage of plant-based meat:

  • Zero Animal Cruelty,
  • Significant fat reduction,
  • High protein,
  • fiber rich diet
  • Real meat like flavors and textures, so no compromising the taste
  • Less land usage, signification reduction in water usage and fewer emissions to environment


Among a host of challenges that the client needed help, a few are included below:

  • What is the current R & D scenario?
  • What are the different plant sources that are being exploited as meat alternatives in the industry?
  • What are Plant proteins that are blended with meat products to make healthier product profile?
  • What are different types of ingredients added for meat like flavors/texture to the product?
  • What are the additional nutritional advantages offered viz. fiber rich, gluten free?
  • Who are the key major players & emerging players in the domain and what is their technology?

Methodology and Challenges:

We will shortlist current challenges and look for existing and possible solutions to overcome those challenges by analyzing literature document in the existing domain.

Our Methodology

In order to get idea for a proper solution to challenges we look for solutions or ideas in cross domain which can be applied for plant-based meat industries. Different industries literature documents in combination with brainstorming were used to come up with proper solutions.

Solution to challenges:

In order to provide solution to client query, document was categorized into various specific heads to extract out key information’s using tools developed by our organization.  The majors concern of client will be analyzed in respective manner mentioned below.

  • Identification of ongoing research work and trends:

Identifying existing research work by different organization in the field of using plant source as a replacement of meat. The base information pertaining to this technology is analyzed using free, paid and subscription-based published sources.

  • R & D by key and emerging players:

Identifying the key and emerging players and procuring their in-depth knowledge by discussing the problem and getting solution from top scientist in those respective industry.

  • Key plant proteins exploited in domain:

Identifying the key protein which are being exploited in this domain. What is its importance and why this protein is being mainly used? What is the shortcoming of other protein which can’t be used as substituted for meat?

  • Key Process technologies:

Identifying the key process technologies which can be used for production of plant base meat protein. What are the parameters which can be used by different processes which can be used for maximum production of product?

  • Additives/ingredient details that mimic meat flavor/color/texture:

Identifying the key ingredient that mimic meat flavor, color and texture using the detailed analysis.

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