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Competitive Portfolio Analysis – Automotive Fuel & Urea Injectors


Fuel injector is not anything but an electronically controlled valve which is been supplied with the pressurized fuel. However, fuel is used for the petrol and diesel supply in automotive. But urea is used for emission system and thus reduces the harmful gas. The client is one of the global players of the automotive industry; it manufactures vehicle interiors components, i.e. seats, dashboard and emission control system etc.

The automotive industry recognizes and is responding to the air quality challenge. Manufacturers are working hard to reduce the emissions of vehicles, with all new models meeting strict emissions standards. A competitive analysis is a critical part for the companies to make strategies. The client was planning to launch a new product after 2 years, so before the product hit the market client wants to understand the two key competitor’s portfolios, to take a better decision.

Our Solution

  • By defining the relevance criteria, we extracted the exhaustive list of patents from multiple paid database,
  • To obtain relevant patent sets, we use numerous search strategies to get the exhaustive list.
  • In a detailed analysis of the competitor’s patents and categorized based on the multiple relevant parameters
  • Identified the technology trends, geographical spread, external factors impacting on the current technology.

Business Impact

Client prioritized areas that need to be addressed and plan the product features, after going through the detailed insights on the competitive portfolio.

Details insight on external factors impaction the current technology helps the client to make better business strategies. This information was then utilized for restructuring their innovative pipeline, enabling the client to plan and reshape their product launch strategies

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