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Data Curation for Repurposing Aspirin

The Challenge

Challenges faced-

  • A drug repurposing group in a major pharmaceutical company was looking at exploring the possible use of Aspirin in other indications
  • Wanted to assess the efficacy biomarkers reported against Aspirin in different indications
  • Wanted to identify which companies are actively involved in the aspirin associated clinical trials

Our Solution

The team formulated a comprehensive strategy to conduct the study. Our scope covered clinical and pre-clinical research areas and in-depth analysis to generate actionable insights for our client. We identified different possible indications for use of Aspirin, along with a competitive landscape for use of the drug by different players, combined with features and properties of treatments (drug/therapy solutions).

The Impact

Impact of our service bought an advantage for our client in a sense:

  • Client was able to identify the indications in which the drug has been studied, suggesting a possible therapeutic utility of the drug in these indications
  • Client was able to Evaluate and understand the applications of the drug in clinical environment
  • Client was able to draw fruitful information regarding the drugs/treatments available through different players

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