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High tech out licensing opportunities

The Client

Leading European excavator attachment manufacturers


The client wanted to identify companies whom they can out-license their portfolio to increase their growth.

Our Solution

The study was split into two broad segments; identification of the potential licensing partners and due diligence of the listed companies. In-depth analysis of client portfolio in order to identify products, technology standards for specifications which potentially infringes the clients patent. To deduce the insights patent analysis was performed which included analysis of applications, manuals, manufacturing sheets, white paper and other product documents. We also conducted primary research with the identified potential In-Licensors and constructing a list of companies which were interest in licensing opportunities.

Our Impact

This study helped the client identify xx assignees, whose product were infringing upon the patent of our client. The team then prepared complete infringement claim charts for each assignee. Financial Insights of all xx assignees were included in the final report, which helped the client in taking appropriate steps which were beneficial for our client.

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