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Inventor Tracking

The Challenge

Knowledge transfer, along with skillset, is one of the critical aspects of any organization’s growth. However, such attributes could prove to be disastrous for a company when they know how their research activities are being shared explicitly with other organizations via ex-employees. Identifying such illicit activities in an organization with a large employee size can become a tedious task and pose a big challenge.

Our client, one of the key players in the biotherapeutics development domain, sought our assistance in tracking their ex-employees’ research-based activities (Scientists/Inventors). The client needed to check if their ex-employees (Inventor’s) current research focus is somewhat in line with what they had been doing before exiting the client’s organization.

Key areas that were required to keep a close watch on:-

  • Identification of a list of inventors currently affiliated with other organization with a different research focus
  • Identification of potential inventors having a similar area of research in comparison to their previous work
  • Identification of potential inventors with the same research or extension of their previous work

Our Solution

The final solution for the client business involved an intensive, research-oriented study that involved several phases. Different tasks were planned for each of these phases. For instance, phase one consists of preparing the inventors’ list and validating the company’s profile. The other steps or stages included comparing and analyzing research activities followed by the final representation of devised solutions.

Solution for Inventor Tracking

The Impact

The client appreciated the outcome of the study. Our comprehensive yet simplified report outlook resulted in an easy understanding of the overall scenario. Our client was able to identify inventors that chose to continue the same area of research in their current organization with the potential of leaking the client’s organization’s R&D secrets.

We also made a specially made category related to matches that helped our client keep tabs on the list of potential inventors and their activities for the near future.

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