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IP Landscape of CO2 Corrosion

The Client

A global chemical manufacturer


The client wanted to conduct a landscape analysis of “CO2 corrosion inhibitors”. We were requested to find the details of relevant assignee and product information in the concerned domain from product searches/approved devices on concerned government authority databases.

Our Solution

An in-depth analysis of relevant assignee and product information was done through patent databases, company websites, product brochures, article, blogs and other secondary sources. The patents were then ranked using our in-house Patent Strength Analysis Tool. Following which a detailed patent landscape in the technology area was conducted to identify established and emerging products along with the whitespaces. The client’s core competencies were mapped with the identified whitespaces to identify the most feasible area to enter.

Our Impact

This study helped the client to identify the products which had the most potential and allowed him to act accordingly in the white space area for future R&D, sales and marketing strategies. We also provided him with a detail report identifying the key players in that segment.

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