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Landscape Analysis of NMC Lithium-ion Batteries

The Client

New & Emerging Battery Manufacturer


The client entrusted us with a landscape analysis of NMC Lithium-ion batteries.

Our Solution

An in-depth analysis of relevant technology and their assignees(owners) and product information through patent databases, company websites, product brochures, articles, blogs and other secondary sources. The patents were then ranked using our in-house Patent Strength Analysis Tool. Following which a detailed patent landscape in the technology area was created to identify established and emerging products along with the whitespaces. The client’s core competencies were mapped with the identified whitespaces to identify the most feasible area to enter.

Our Impact

This study helped the client to identify the products which were patented or in application stages. It also helped the client to act accordingly in the white space area for future R&D, sales and marketing strategies, development. It helped legal teams to coordinate strategies that align with overall goals of the business. It also helped in identifying the key players in that segment.

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