Tech & market analysis: non-meat protein alternatives for sustainability

Tech & market analysis: non-meat protein alternatives for sustainability

The Challenge

Our client, a leading meat-based protein manufacturer, wanted to open a new product line totally based on plant-based protein. Aimed at a future where sustainable sources like plant-based proteins going to replace animal-based protein products. They wanted to explore protein from the different botanical origins which overcomes the challenges and even performs better than a meat-based protein for sustainable food products. The client was also interested in knowing the technologies involved in extracting the plant-based protein in the best way possible. The client wanted to identify the potential partner with whom they could collaborate and bring the required competency to capitalize on these solutions.

Our Solution

Our team deployed a step-wise approach to conduct freedom-to-operate as per the client’s requirements.

Phase I – Technology Landscape

Comprehensive scientific, patent literature, and product searches from paid and open-source databases were conducted to derive the following intelligence.

Phase II – Competitive Intelligence

Conducted desk research based on open and paid sources including – patent literature scientific literature, product search, company websites, press releases, technology portals, industry reports, conferences/seminars, and expert/KOLs sites, etc. to derive the following intelligence.

Phase III – Benchmarking

Benchmarking was based on the technologies/solutions and key players gathered in the segment derived from the Phase I and Phase II studies.

Phase IV – Opportunity Assessments & Identification of best-fit solution and partner

Conducted primary research and gathered information related to the solution provided by the different players in the domain thereby generating key insights and top solutions and potential partners.
Voice of the industry – consumer records and data meta-analysis, expert/KOLs interviews, and consumer surveys.
The above methodology was used to derive the following assessments.

The Impact

  • The client’s team understood the landscape of novel/inventive plant-based protein ingredients having the potential to substitute meat-based protein, and technologies used in extracting plant-based protein in the best possible way.
  • The client got the idea of using these plant-based protein sources in different food and beverage categories.
  • The client understood the necessary steps needed to be considered for their new plant-based protein product line.
  • Enabled them to understand consumer expectations and future directions.
  • Identified best-fit collaborators/partners to build the required competencies.

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