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Patent Landscape for Feed Additive for Milching Animals

Purpose of Study

The landscape study was conducted identify the formulations and compositions of feed and fodder given milching animals improve the quality and quantity of milk production.

Study Overview

  • The keywords strategy was prepared find and analyse the relevant documents under the specific taxonomy heads such as type of domestic animal, age, weight, body temperature, level of milk production, feed composition, health benefits, milk yield, quality of milk and others.
  • The analysis was studied identify the work areas improve livestock’s nutrition quality and the ratio of ingredients for proper balanced meal.
  • The insights were drawn such as about amount of nutrition required by the animal depending on their age and size, health benefits of the feed ingredients, which ingredient is more helpful in increasing the milk yield and its quality.
  • The study helped the client to develop a balanced meal or dietary supplement for milking animals to meet their nutritional requirements and for improving their milk yield and quality.

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