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Patent Watch/Monitoring: Oligosaccharides Based Food Composition

The Challenge

Our client, one of the pioneers in the infant formulation domain, sought our patent monitoring services. The client needed to get regular IP updates related to patents published in the field of oligosaccharides-based composition as stand-alone or in combination with probiotics.

Key areas that were required to keep a close watch on:-

  • Individual monitoring of patents claiming different combinations
  • Competition watch-Updates on Assignees/Inventors working in the domain
  • Identification of new patent families and/or new members of existing ones
  • Update on Legal status
  • Checking opposition procedure (If any)

Our Solution

The team of experts conducted a strategic analysis to devise the solution for the concerned client. The approach and methodology improvised for the same can be divided into three broad steps. These are the ‘kick-off’ or the starting research step, followed by steps like ‘systematic watch’ and additional analysis.

The first step involves intensive research into the subject matter and finalizing the content of the report. The ‘systematic watch’ steps include executing completed strategies, categorizing patent applications on a technical basis, and other related measures. The final step comprises several additional analyses, including legal status analysis, consolidated data analysis, graphical analysis, in-house tools, and categorization. All these steps are explained in the attached infographic image.

Solution for patent watch on oligosaccharides based food composition - Ingenious e-Brain

The Impact

  • The client appreciated our expertise in keeping track of various details of patent/patent applications, viz. jurisdiction-wise filing/abandonment, regular fee payment, communication between examiner and client, etc.
  • Gained insights about active opposition/RCE on pending patent application/granted patents
  • Our in house tools helped gain quick access to newly identified families or new members of existing families in the domain.
  • Identification of emerging players to track their progress in the domain
  • Gained insights related to technology focus of competitors as well as academic players in a summarized manner

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