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Whitespace Analysis On Enzymes Application in Bakery


The objective of the whitespace analysis was study the patents focusing on enzymes and identify novel applications in the bakery field such as dough strengthening, flour improvement, water absorption, disulfide bonding and others. The special focus of the study was on clean label functions of enzymes such as shelf life extension, flavor and taste improvement, acrylamide reduction and health benefits.

Study Overview

  • The relevant documents and non- literatures were analyzed in details categorize relevant information as per the taxonomy heads.
  • Every taxonomy heads were studied draft insights related top enzymes, their top applications, enzyme specific top applications and health benefits, assignee specific use of enzymes and their applications.
  • Whitespace is identified for areas where enzymes are less explored and not yet explored
  • Trend is identified for assignee focus on enzymes and for filing by assignees
  • Results and Insights helped the client find solutions for the specific problems in the bakery field and develop novel enzyme blends improve dough properties

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