Sequence Searching

Due to advent of latest Molecular Biology techniques number of sequences filed in patent documents are increasing with a high momentum. Majority of the sequence listings present in the patent documents are the sequences used for diagnostic purpose such as EST sequences and probe / primer sequences; treatment purpose such as natural / synthetic genes / peptide sequences and siRNA sequences; and genes / proteins involved in specific biochemical pathways such as genes /proteins responsible for biofuel / industrial enzyme production.

Our biosequence searching team is well equipped for conducting all types of sequence searching (exact, subsequence and using all industry standard databases such as REGISTRY / CAPLUS / DGENE / PCTGEN / USGENE databases hosted by STN and Genome Quest. We are experienced in conducting sequence-searching projects for the following Biotech / Pharma domain-related biosequences:

  • Probe / primer sequences
  • Antibody sequences
  • Gene / protein sequences involved in biochemical pathways
  • Therapeutic peptide sequences
  • Vector sequences
  • Mutated gene/protein sequences
  • Analogous sequences for identifying corresponding mutation locations
  • miRNA / siRNA sequences

Sequence Listing Preparation

We are capable of preparing nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings as per the following:

  • WIPO standard for the presentation of nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings in patent applications (ST.25)
  • USPTO sequence rules under 37 C.F.R. ยงยง1.821-.825 published on June 1, 1998, entitled “Requirements for Patent Application Containing Nucleotide Sequence and Amino Acid Disclosures” (see Federal Register 63:104, 29620-29643)
  • Corresponding equivalent rules in other jurisdictions

We prefer to receive complete patent details for preparing cost effective sequence listings in PTO acceptable format. We advise our clients to claim only the key innovative sequences and mention all other relevant sequences in full specifications. Our experienced professionals support our clients in finalising relevant sequences that can be claimed / mentioned in the patent applications.

Structure Searching

Chemical compounds form key ingredients of the pharmaceutical drugs and have innumerous other applications in our routine life. Planned structure searching in patent and non-patent document with a though knowledge of substance databases and structure search engines is a key challenge area for IP professionals.

Our chemical structure searching team has expertise in conducting all types of structure searching (exact, substructure, similar structure, fragments and Markush structure) using well known industry standard databases such as REGISTRY / CAPLUS/MARPAT hosted by STN, Merged Markush Service (MMS) and Beilstein. Our professionals can perform in-depth analysis of Markush structure and are capable of searching chemical compounds by molecular formula, CAS Registry Number, ring size and other chemical attributes.

We are experienced in conducting structure-searching projects for the chemical compounds that have been used as constituents of the following:

  • Drugs
  • Reaction buffer Detergents
  • Toothpastes
  • Rubber and plastics
  • Textile
  • Dyes