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Apple files a patent application for its 3rd-generation Apple Pencil equipped with optical sensors

Apple seems prepared to upgrade its electronic writing device. For an optical sensor that would be utilized with the upcoming Apple Pencil, the business has submitted a patent application US 20220413636 A1, to the US Patent & Trademark Office, according to Patently Apple. The sensor would enable the pencil to replicate an object’s color and texture. The data might also be transmitted wirelessly to a laptop and used in a sketching application.

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The light sensor and light emitter in pencil would allow the invention to “preview” the color and texture of a surface, as specified in the patent application. Yanko Design produced some renderings illustrating how the Apple Pencil may appear if optical sensors were incorporated into its design.

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Other concepts and inventions connected to the Apple Pencil have either been patented by Apple or submitted for one. A patent for an Apple Pencil with replaceable nibs was obtained in 2021. It is possible to replace a worn-out nib with a new one or to alter the nib’s capabilities based on “a color, a form, a depth, a dimension, a luminance, or an invisibility.” Although one can now change a worn-out tip, doing so does not give the attachment any additional functions.

In 2024, a brand-new Apple Pencil may appear along with the AMOLED iPad Pro, which might be the 1st iPad to have an OLED display. If you give it some thought, that will be an ideal time to release a brand-new digitized stylus with the ability to preview the texture and color picked up by the pencil, along with incorporating miniature devices, such as a microphone and a camera.

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