BASF Settles PFAS Lawsuit for $316 Million

BASF Settles PFAS Lawsuit for $316 Million

BASF Corp.—the North American affiliate of the German chemical company—has agreed to pay $316.5 million as a settlement to resolve claims related to perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination in drinking water.

On May 21, BASF announced a $316.5 million settlement with several U.S. public water systems, addressing allegations that the company’s firefighting foam contaminated water supplies with toxic ‘forever chemicals.’ This settlement, endorsed by a federal judge, aims to assist towns, cities, and public water systems in addressing PFAS contamination. BASF will disburse $4 million in July 2024 and the remaining $312.5 million in March 2025 as part of the agreement. The company emphasized that the settlement does not imply admitting liability or wrongdoing and plans to seek reimbursement through its various insurance policies.

BASF is one of nearly two dozen chemical companies facing lawsuits from water systems over PFAS pollution, with the cases consolidated in a federal court in South Carolina. These lawsuits claim that PFAS, used in firefighting foams, contaminated groundwater near fire stations and airports across the U.S.

In 2023, these lawsuits resulted in over $11 billion in settlements between U.S. water systems and major chemical companies, including 3MMMM.N, Chemours, Corteva, and DuPont. Additionally, in April, Tyco Fire Products, a Johnson Controls unit, agreed to a $750 million settlement.


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