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Emerging Market of Augmented Reality in Education

IEBS showcases its analytical viewpoint on transformative cloud-based technology in the industry news, which aligns with a company’s future growth initiatives. It entails a holistic impact across the organization, its end-users, and peer industry participants. Furthermore, it will also represent the shifting trends across the industry ecosystem.

Strategic Development

For kids visualizing what a dinosaur or an elephant will look like is very tough from just seeing a picture. Companies like Byju’s, 3DBear, DAQRI, and Arloon are coming with AR technologies that are the new tools for creative learning for young kids, as many studies suggest that Playful education is the best way to teach young minds. Thus, this leads to more knowledge retention and better understanding. Using virtual technologies, many companies are coming up with new products in AR segments, e.g., “Virtual tee by Curiscope.” There are many companies onsetting to create AR and VR applications spanning more than one academic discipline.

Strategic Alignment

Byju’s acquired Osmo, a kid-focused augmented reality games maker, for $120 million. This new acquisition by Byju will offer its customers a wide range of learning solutions, especially for Young Learners From ages 3 to 8, by collaborating with Osmo’s AR technology.

Immediate Impact

New markets in the education sector are emerging around the world and in India. The collaboration of EdTech giants such as Byju’s and Osmo will bring new techniques, Values, and Metrics to the private education sector. 21’st century Education will become advanced in tech as tabs and other modern gadgets are used by EdTech companies in educating the youth, which was Previously Led by slow and orthodox institutional teachings. Thus, Augmented Reality for educating kids of age 3-9 can be a huge market to cater to as it helps simplify the learning and help kids visualize the complex part of education in this competitive environment.

Budding Growth Opportunities for End-Users

The AR and VR tech will be in high demand, and the collaboration of Ed Tech and AR tech companies will help develop better products suitable for the Indian education environment to enhance learning and better retention and as a help for Indian kids and parents. Thus, ensuring massive growth in the k12 education market, soon, these techs will be a part of every Indian house.

Potential Advancements for Peer Markets

Further, Mergers and collaborations can help Indian education technology shape education to a much smarter and affordable edge so that the consumers can be in large numbers, thus assisting students in understanding better.

Shifting Industry Trends

An increase in EdTech services has created peer competition between schools, teachers, parents, and kids to achieve more. Many schools partner with EdTech companies to teach their students with the merger of old classrooms and new technologies. It is forcing every school and college to implement and use EdTech solutions to maintain the Rank order and modernity of the institutions as kids. Their respective parents demand such answers for education. Thus, this industry will shift further into Augmented Reality and virtual learning through different techs. Classrooms of the future will be packed with technology such as AR, VR, and a lot more dedicated tools to simplify understanding. The world will see a significant push in the education segment. Colleges and other Higher education institutes will be seen having a faster rate of development or adoption as the technology is already present at a nascent stage.

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