Evaluate Omnium: Morphing Pharma Strategy for Drug Risk/Return

Evaluate Omnium: Morphing Pharma Strategy for Drug Risk/Return

As part of its engagement to solve the crucial knowledge gaps leading to unsustainable pharmacy portfolio investments, Evaluate Ltd., the most extensive commercial intelligence and predictive analytics provider in the pharmaceutical industry, has today unveiled its new game transition device: Evaluate Omnium.
Transition Game offers machine learning power to address critical knowledge gaps in the early-stage pharmaceutical pipeline.

About Evaluate Omnium

Evaluate Omnium is a breakthrough in evaluating future pharmaceuticals by providing users with an unparalleled summary of both the predicted and commercial risks of pharmaceutical products at all stages of clinical growth. The Omnium evaluation outcome is a rare insight into the drug portfolio’s potential, including early-stage and private products, at a product-specific level.

Limitations of conventional predictive models:

  • Frequently concentrate on the later stage of the drugs.
  • Involve complicated analyses that cannot be replicated on a large scale.

Overcoming Limitations

Evaluate Omnium overcomes conventional predictive models’ limitations to provide substantially more reliable risk and return forecasts.

  • By application of patented methods and master learning algorithms to six million data points and 26000 R&D programs.
  • Evaluate Omnium makes four times the estimation on which Phase I medicines will enter the market and
  • 21% improvement in precision when forecasting the return on phase I medications relative to estimates based on industry benchmarks.

“Our breakthrough approach applies the power of machine learning algorithms to our decades of market data, so our clients have readily available, accurate forecast data for drugs in all phases of development. As a result, they can make more confident, informed portfolio investment decisions earlier in the product lifecycle and better optimize their drug portfolios for success”, said Jon Moser, Head of Product Development at Evaluate.
“As industry spending climbs to $1.6bn for every new drug that reaches the market, and with just 20% of approved drugs generating 90% of market value, there is a clear opportunity to boost the productivity and efficiency of pharma R&D,” said CEO Deborah Kobewka. “By dramatically increasing the availability and accuracy of critical risk and return data, Evaluate Omnium is a game-changer for pharmaceutical companies seeking to deliver life-changing therapies to patients as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.”

Main Features of the Product Making a Potential Impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Risk-fitting high sales: Combining the increased accuracy of PTRs and the expected Peak Market Analysis for all drug development stages to provide a single measure to assess the revenue prospects for pharmaceuticals.

  • Dynamic NPV analyzer: A structured and comprehensive method of estimating the net current value (NPV) for a commodity focused on reduced cash flow projections up to 2040 on more than 6,000 goods.
    Interactive and straightforward to build tailor-made templates that suit individual needs, you can easily change critical assumptions.
  • Side-by-side comparisons: Unique visualizations that incorporate risk and return knowledge in a practical, fast, side-by-side comparative model, based on reliable, validated approaches.

The promotion of a new medication takes 1.6 billion dollars despite the expense of mistakes. Evaluating Omnium removes the knowledge gap early in the process. Thus, the pharmaceutical industry should prefer emerging therapies with the most transformational potential in patients’ lives.

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