Fazer explores cell-cultured cocoa for future chocolate source

Fazer explores cell-cultured cocoa for future chocolate source

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Fazer is looking into the potential of cellular agriculture, to produce sustainable chocolate raw materials in the future. Even though the usage of cell-cultured cocoa is still decades away, Fazer believes that the time is now to bravely investigate its potential. All of Fazer’s cocoa is sourced from responsibly managed farms in West Africa and Ecuador. Fazer defines sustainable cocoa as ensuring profitable cultivation, enhancing the well-being of the cocoa community, and honoring the environment and natural resources. However, there is a need to investigate alternate sources of cocoa because climate change threatens the traditional cocoa-growing regions around the equator.

The company is exploring new methods to produce raw materials without affecting the taste of the chocolates. The first successful findings of cell-cultured cocoa have already been received by Fazer in collaboration with VTT. They are currently carrying out more research as a member of the bigger CERAFIM consortium, which brings together several Finnish businesses and research institutes to study cutting-edge cellular agriculture solutions.


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