Forefront RF is poised to redefine the mobile radio front ends with its recently trademarked technology, Foretune™ - Ingenious e-Brain

Forefront RF is poised to redefine the mobile radio front ends with its recently trademarked technology, Foretune™

Forefront RF, a Cambridge-based fabless semiconductor startup, recently unveiled that its patented tunable duplexer technology has been officially trademarked as Foretune™. The company’s breakthrough solution will likely revolutionize the telecom sector by replacing fixed frequency filters with a tunable duplexer, dramatically simplifying RF architectures in smartphones, smartwatches, and IoT systems.

Smartphones and other mobile devices available in the market are designed to support 32-plus RF frequency bands in order to meet global data usage expectations. From a mobile radio front-end perspective, individual RF frequency band requires a special filter and duplexer. These components are crucial in operating FDD wireless devices, enabling concurrent transmission and reception of RF signals while preventing self-interference from compromising their performance and efficiency. As new frequency bands are introduced with time to meet capacity requirements, the component count per device will increase in line, which is not considered sustainable for the long term.

Forefront RF’s trademarked technology offers the potential to remarkably slash the number and types of components in RF architectures by replacing them with a single frequency-agnostic dynamically tuneable module. The company is in talks with numerous smartphone and smartwatch manufacturers to potentially feature Foretune™ in their future product rollouts for cost-saving and sustainability reasons.

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