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Littelfuse launches the compact SM10 series varistor with exceptional surge protection capabilities

Littelfuse, Inc.—a diversified industrial tech manufacturer—announced the series of first surface-mount Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV), SM10, capable of handling ultra-high surge current at high temperatures. This revolutionary varistor series is specifically designed for primary circuit transient voltage surge protection in automotive electronics and other applications. The SM10 series varistor is way ahead of the Littelfuse existing product line owing to its unparalleled performance & durability in harsh ambient environments, compact size, and outstanding surge capability.

Apart from offering ultra-high surge capability of up to 40 pulses of 6 KV/3 KA surges and withstanding temperatures up to 125°C, other key highlights that make the SM10 series a breakthrough in the industry are:

1. Compact design: With an overall size of around 2 cm3, it not only optimizes printed circuit board (PCB) surface space but also facilitates automated SMT assembly processes.

2. AEC-Q200 compliance: Meets rigorous automotive electronics standards, apt for EVs and charging stations.

3. Wide voltage rating: Ranging from 130 V(max) AC to 625 V(max) AC, accommodating a broad spectrum of electronic applications.

Director of Product Management at Littelfuse, Johny Chang, stated that the recently introduced AEC-Q200 compliant varistors series effectively protects electronic circuits against multiple transient voltage surges, enabling end-products to operate in harsh ambient environments for longer lifetimes.

Tailored to meet diverse needs, the SM10 is an optimal solution for a range of applications, including:

  • Automotive electronics
  • EVs and charging stations
  • Appliances
  • High-end power supplies
  • Consumer electronics
  • Power storage systems


Key players competing with Littelfuse in the surge protection devices market are:

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