Aurora Labs granted patent in Japan for metal printing 3D tech

Aurora Labs granted patent in Japan for metal printing 3D tech

3D printing is pioneering a new era of development across industries. The application of this technology has reached the far end of 3D printing synthetic skin. A similar achievement in 3D printing has been achieved by Aurora Labs as recently they were granted a patent on multi-layer concurrent printing technology in Japan. They have successfully been able to develop technology that can 3D print metal.

Strategic Alignment

  • The technology that has been developed by Aurora Labs is based on multi-layer concurrent printing (MCP).
  • The MLCP technology has far superior printing efficiency than the conventional methods.
  • The company is rumored to be working on various designs that are cutting-edge in the domain of 3D metal printing.
  • The 3D printing process set a landmark record for printing a 10mm tall titanium hexagon part using MCP technology in under a record time of 20 minutes. A feat never achieved before.
  • The technology developed by Aurora Labs is used in various industries ranging from the automotive industry to aviation and in the manufacturing of heat exchangers.
  • The MCP technology has already been patented by Aurora labs in China and has several applications pending in other regions of the world, including Australia and the U.S.

Strategic Business Developments

  • In recent years, Aurora Labs has undergone a tectonic shift in its approach to its business model.
  • They shifted from a production and distribution business model to a more strategic, lower-risk, and better-suited partnership model of business.
  • They have started to license their technology and earn royalty and licensing fees from their developments. This shift was sparked because being in the development sector of engineering systems incurs a large production and development cost. Being in a massive technological advance sector, Aurora has set up a mark on its competitors.
  • The path of partnership and license is a lower-risk pathway for success. This newer model of operation has reduced a significant amount of cost for their operations.

Immediate Impact

  • The technology developed by Aurora Labs is a game-changer. The technology has its roots nested because it enables the most intricate designs to be printed seamlessly.
  • The prominent feature of the technology that impacts the industry is its quick prototyping of designs using MCP technology.
  • It also enables the industry for faster and quicker turnarounds of prototypes, thus improving the whole system’s overall efficiency.
  • The technology is used worldwide in different sectors and has a powerful impact on its customers.
  • The continuous innovation by the company has completely transformed the industry.

Potential Advancements for Peer Markets

The advances that 3D printing brings about in the industry are the changes and effects of the industry. Driving growth and influencing design decisions for the next significant developments.

Key highlights of this technology are:

  • Its unique approach to additive manufacturing.
  • The ability to print multiple layers in a single pass, thus reducing the overall time to print a design
  • The newest iteration of the project enables metal printing. The printer is fed by powder metal feedstock
  • The MCP technology allows printing multiple layers in a single pass without hindering accuracy.
  • The open designated architecture of the machine gives full freedom to source their print.
  • This process saves effort, time, and money.
  • The technology results in the precise, high-density, entirely melted metal parts.

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