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Rise of Precision Oncology in India

IEBS showcases its analytical viewpoint on transformative cloud-based technology in the industry news, which aligns with a company’s future growth initiatives. It entails a holistic impact across the organization, its end-users, and peer industry participants. Furthermore, it will also represent the shifting trends across the industry ecosystem.

Strategic Development

Based on the current trend, Cancer cases are likely to increase to 16 lakhs by 2026. Start-ups like 4baseCare, HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG) are working on precision oncology are a few of many companies in India working on precision diagnosis and precision medicine. Big IT firm Wipro and 4baseCare are collaborating for precision oncology solutions in India.

Strategic Alignment

The various foreign and Indian collaborations are helping to make Cancer treatment affordable and accessible to every earning group of society so that diagnoses like Gene testing can be made Timely and affordable for cancer patients.

Immediate Impact

Precision oncology can prove to be a gamechanger for patient recovery, according to the companies. It can help in the fewer hospital hours, fewer number surgeries and therapies, and fewer side effects what it can increase is the number of hours spent with the loved one’s the increase in live saved as the patient will receive a good amount of time to relax and less in hospital. Thus, it can disrupt the overall cancer industry, which used to work on general diagnostics and general medicine; hence, precision medicine is essential for health care.

Budding Growth Opportunities for End-Users

The collaboration of IT Companies in the health care sector is essential to provide patient access to advanced precision genomic testing, which is relatively new in the market. It will help centralize many oncologists’ patients and cancer hospitals to make the diagnosis centrally monitored and cheap so that the patient and the doctor can help identify and understand the genetic mutation of cancer. Thus, this can help in a better and streamlined patient treatment design to specifically target these mutations.

Potential Advancements for Peer Markets

This Initiative will help save life and equity both simultaneously and allow the nation to keep the significant causes of cancer in check.

Shifting Industry Trends

The collaboration of the cancer and IT industry will help in mapping of Gene pool of various countries, including India thus. It is essential as it can help analyze multiple cancer forms and even pinpoint several possibilities that can help increase the identification of the cause of cancer, such as unique genetic characteristics, lifestyle, health history, and diet. The origin of precision medicine lies in the advancements made in biotechnology, which include big data and gene sequencing to make precision medicine a stratified therapy to improve the treatment effectiveness based on various reasons a patient. Therefore, Precision medicine contrasts with a “one size fits all” approach.

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