Thincr Technologies Developed Virucidal Masks That Kill nCoV

Thincr Technologies Developed Virucidal Masks That Kill nCoV

Strategic Development

Thincr technologies developed a virucidal mask by combining 3D printing and pharmaceuticals, enabling the mask to neutralize novel coronavirus when it comes in contact. Technology Development Board, a statutory body under the Department of Science and Technology, has financed the project as a part of the Central government’s initiative to fight a deadly disease.
Thincr Technologies collaborated with Merck Life Sciences to develop the virucidal formulation, which can be incorporated as an additional layer in N-95 masks, simple cloth masks, 3-ply masks, and 3D printed or plastic cover masks to neutralize the novel coronavirus. The virucidal formulation used is a mixture of sodium olefin sulfonate. It is a soap-forming agent with hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. In addition, the pharmaceutical formulation is coated over the fabric layer, making it resistant to nCoV.
The filters of the mask have been developed using 3D printing. As a result, the mask has a bacterial filtration efficiency higher than 95%.

Strategic Alignment

The masks available in the market prevent people from the deadly disease but cannot neutralize the novel coronavirus. However, the virucidal mask developed by Thincr can neutralize the novel coronavirus and can be an effective solution in the fight against the deadly disease.

The major challenge in the development of virucidal masks:

  • The Lifespan of the pharmaceutical formulation (layer of anti-virucide) over the masks.
  • Ecofriendly: Assume everybody on the earth is wearing a virucidal mask for 1 day; then what will affect the ecosystem?
  • Recycle: is it easily recyclable or not?
  • Decompose: If it is not recyclable, decomposition can be a challenge.
  • Reusable or washable
  • Production Cost
  • Distribution cost
  • Effect on human health due to long exposure

Immediate Impact

The other mask manufacturers can also use this pharmaceutical formulation over their masks to increase the effectiveness against novel coronavirus. Despite all the challenges, if the virucidal mask is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, it can sue the existing mask manufacturing industries.

Growth Opportunities for Peer Markets

The new virucidal mask offers ample opportunities and growth potential for mask manufacturing industries. The existing mask-making companies can use the novel virucidal formulation over their non-woven masks, N-95 masks, and cloth masks. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for mask manufacturing industries to develop the different best pharmaceutical formulations that can be used over the mask to increase the effectiveness against novel coronavirus.

Advancement in Virucidal Mask

With the growing demand for the use of masks, the pharmaceutical formulation used in the virucidal mask must be compatible with the human body and doesn’t affect the immune system. In addition, the pharmaceutical formulation used has to be eco-friendly, and long exposure to it must not cause any effect on the human body as well as the ecosystem.
The significant advancement that needs to be done is the virucidal mask needs to be cost-effective, reusable, or washable.

Shifting Industry Trends

The masks available in the market could eliminate water, moisture, and dust particles, but they could not eliminate microbes, bacteria, or viruses. To fight against the novel coronavirus, the use of masks and sanitizer became the needs of people, leading the mask manufacturing industries to develop novel masks that can prevent us from the novel coronavirus.
There are a variety of masks available in the market. The novel virucidal mask can neutralize the novel coronavirus as well as other bacteria or microbes. In addition, the novel pharmaceutical formulation developed can be used by existing mask manufacturers to modify the effectiveness of their masks. Therefore, developing a novel virucidal mask will lead to a significant shift in mask manufacturing industries.

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