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USPTO approved the Patent Application for GBT’s Facial and Body Recognition system

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted patent approval to GBT Technologies Inc. and GBT Tokenize Corp. for their facial and body recognition system. The patent was granted on December 13, 2022 (Patent No. 11,527,104). The patent provides a paradigm of a cutting-edge technique to figure out, recognize, and comprehend the aspects of an image, such as a human face or body. According to machine learning algorithms, the patent delineates systems and procedures for learning and categorizing human facial and body traits. The technology employs sophisticated geometrical analysis algorithms to vectorize an image’s data and create digital, three-dimensional figures. It can analyze and recognize people regardless of their facial or body coverage.

The patented method models the image’s data through machine learning algorithms that identify attributes and map them into a database. The next step involves the utilization of an expert system to construct a three-dimensional object that can then be analyzed further for essential analytics. The patented system can recognize people or objects of interest in still photos, motion pictures, and movies. Based on a full or partial view with certain portions of the face or body hidden, the algorithms can outline the attributes of a human face and body. The technology can recognize alterations in an object as well as physical changes in a body, such as body weight and other wellness issues.

GBT submitted a continuation application for this technology on December 5, 2022. GBT intends to devote further R&D resources in this field while considering creative applications across multiple areas, including image & video analysis, healthcare, and cybersecurity.

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