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The Global Trend Towards Sustainability Is Paying A Way For Innovations In Packaging

As concerns for sustainable economic growth are rising, packaging companies are shifting from linear to circular economies. Moreover, as the circular economy moves towards a sustainable future, it brings along opportunities for manufacturers in the future. Our team works in close collaboration with polymer science and packaging experts associated with packaging companies of several domains to deliver unparallel insights in the area of their need. At ingenious-E Brain, we provide an in-depth evaluation of the market, ranging from macro to micro aspects of the packaging industry comprising of the market opportunities, success factors, market challenges, and feasibility analysis which can help the organizations appropriate business and marketing strategies. Our intensive research covers recent advancements in the packaging sector field of pressure-sensitive tape market, agricultural packaging, aerosol cans, reusable and biodegradable packaging, online food delivery packaging, paper packaging, green packaging, etc. It provides an extensive analysis of fundamental market dynamics, emerging manufacturing trends, technology enhancement, and packaging applications in various business verticals.

Challenges Solved by our Experts in Packaging Industry

Appropriate Stacking Strength for Packaging during Transit/Transportation

Transit Packaging (for E-commerce) consists of Corrugated cartons, polybags, bubble wraps, etc., that allow safe, damage-free, and efficient transportation over the logistics channel. Solutions such as a change in operation-ability, structure, functional design, and form evolution can be incorporated into the packaging technology to ensure smooth transit.

Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging solution describes packaging with extended functions, usually- active packaging that interacts with the contents. Thus improves the shelf life or quality of the contents during storage. Intelligent packaging offers additional benefits, such as diagnostic and indicator functions.

Minimizing Packaging Transportation & Delivery Cost

From the delivery viewpoint, the shape and the weight play an essential role along with other solutions like optimizing logistics cost through tertiary and secondary packaging.

The demand for Recyclable, Eco-Friendly Packaging

Implementing sustainable or eco packaging in your brand’s operations is no longer an option – but it’s a necessity. Our Material science and packaging engineering experts provide breakthroughs in plant-based packaging and biodegradable plastic packaging, making it more accessible for your brand to reduce its carbon footprint.

Case Studies

Past Projects

Technology Intelligence

  • Technology Landscape on Edible Packaging
  • Whitespace Analysis for Smart medicine dispensers
  • Technology for powder dispensers
  • Innovation for novel caps and closures
  • Technology intelligence for Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging
  • Technology Landscape for Bottling Line Machinery
Technology Intelligence Solution - Ingenious e-Brain

IP Intelligence

  • Freedom for self- and cooling packaging
  • Prior for E-cigarette flavor dispenser
  • Patent landscape for Abuse deterrent packaging of drugs
  • Invalidity for Food grade polymer pipes
  • Infringement for bottle for Liquid enhancers
  • Infringement for Packaging with OLED screen
IP Intelligence Solution - Ingenious e-Brain

Business Intelligence

  • Competitive Landscape for Biodegradable Packaging
  • Out Licensing Opportunities for Antimicrobial Packaging
  • Market Research for Skin Packaging Market
  • Market Research on Beverage Packaging Market in Asian Market
  • Global market for Packaging Solution by Automation
Business Intelligence Solution - Ingenious e-Brain

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