Case Study: Competitive Intelligence Study in the field of Natural Food Ingredients

The Client

A leading European Food Ingredients Manufacturer

The Challenge

The Client wanted to get a sense of their competition in the field of Natural Food Ingredients. Ingenious was tasked with identifying the technological and innovative advancements in the field along with identifying the key players, their markets and the various mergers & acquisitions happening in the domain.

Our Solution

Ingenious conducted comprehensive searches on patent and non-patent databases to collect information on novel techniques for extraction, preservation, and packaging of ingredients, as well as, new sources and applications for existing ingredients. These results were then used to identify market data for the key players. The final report presented a comprehensive view of the industry along with competitor strategies and possible future directions.

Client Impact

The Competitive Intelligence report enabled the client to understand research possibilities for new applications of its existing portfolio of natural ingredients. It also helped the client to identify untapped market potential as well as potential targets for future acquisitions.