Study Objective

The objective of the study was conduct study on DHA sunless tanning agent as a key ingredient in formulations and compositions.

Study Overview

  • The study involves the keyword searches on different databases, in specific jurisdictions as proposed by the client. The study is time restricted last 20 years from the date it was conducted.
  • Assignee-Inventor and Citation searches were carried out for the relevant .
  • All the relevant results obtained were analysed in details under specific taxonomy headers.
  • status analysis is carried out for the relevant results.
  • The related and apparatus were marked irrelevant as per the study.
  • The study helped the client identify the various forms of formulations that have been prepared using DHA as sunless tanning agent and in what amount the agent is used, thus providing the client with alternatives and loopholes enter into the market utilizing DHA sunless tanning agent.
  • The study also enlisted the top players that have active and pending in the field for licensing opportunities for the client and players whose are expired or going expire.
  • The study thus helped the client by providing various solutions venture into this domain without any restriction.

Top Players