As we progress to the next generation technology platforms upgraded rendition of can be seen through a few gadgets. This report covers organizations taking a shot at developing different advancements in the field of . It likewise incorporates organizations utilizing those advancements create items for both the enterprise and consumer areas.

Industry Trends

  • division has received considerable attention of industry players from differing parts; thereby financing of the AR segment has expanded.
  • 3D Reconstruction has also received the biggest measure of subsidizing.
  • Video Gaming has been the biggest innovation ground of the overall market.


Key Products

  • Microsoft’s Holo Lens is the holographic PC, empowering you connect with top quality projects in your world.
  • Continental’s Head-Up Display, transmits optical data inside the driver’s field of view; to keep their eyes away from distraction and be focused on the road.


Augmented and Mixed Reality Software Assumptions


Subsidized companies


Investment at early and later stage