Alzheimer’s Roadmap: Addressing the challenges for improved outcomes

Alzheimer’s Roadmap: Addressing the challenges for improved outcomes

Live Webinar on ‘Alzheimer’s Roadmap: Addressing the challenges for improved outcomes’

We are organizing a webinar on “Alzheimer’s Roadmap: Addressing the challenges for improved outcomes,” which will primarily focus on the market scenario addressing the significant hurdles the pharmaceutical companies face and how they can be addressed. The webinar will be conducted on 6th June for Europe at 05:00 PM CEST and for the US at 8:00 AM PDT.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was not the most researched indication among pharma/biopharma companies until the US 2020 census declared that the prevalence of clinical AD could be 11.3%. As per the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 6 million people in the US are living with the indication, and over 11 million Americans are providing unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Between 2000 and 2019, the death rate from Alzheimer’s increased by 145%, with a projected healthcare cost of USD 345 Billion in 2023. Analysts also suggest that the cost could rise to nearly USD 1 Trillion.

This could be a huge burden to the US healthcare system, and the administration might have to deal with significant logistical and diagnostic challenges. Also, with reference to the decision-making for the drug, the diagnosis & detection rate is slower than other indications, which creates a huge gap in the market in prescribing the medication by physicians.

Market Scenario :-

Currently, seven drugs are being approved by the FDA, of which five drugs donepezil, rivastigmine, galantamine, memantine, and memantine combined with donepezil—are aimed at improving symptoms, and the other two are aimed at changing the underlying biology of the disease: Briefly:

● aducanumab: manufactured by Biogen

● lecanemab: manufactured by Eisai and Biogen’s Drugs

Early this year, Eli Lilly announced that the USFDA had issued a complete response letter for the submission of accelerated approval for donanemabbased on phase II, in which the FDA specifically requested Eli Lilly to provide data for at least 100 patients who received a minimum of 12 months of continued treatment on the drug. Further, on June 24, the company received the breakthrough therapy designation to expedite the development.

Also, In 2022, Roche’s Gantenerumab was rejected by the FDA after reaching the Phase III study, as the drug couldn’t show statistical significance compared to the placebo.

Speakers: Sibasish Dutta Choudhuri and Hitesh Gupta

This webinar will unfold the opportunities for various pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical companies to fully understand the key challenges and advances for Alzheimer’s. What is the major challenge concerning the market, and why could only a few drugs make it to the market? Our speakers will thoroughly discuss the key aspects of competition and opportunities in the market. Besides this, there will also be a discussion on strategic approaches to be taken by pharmaceutical, health insurance, and physicians to help them mitigate the burden of the disease.

Scheduled on:  6th June 2023 @ 05:00 PM CEST  (Europe) | 08:00 AM PDT  (US)

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