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Approaches for Reduction of Virgin Plastic Consumption in Flexible Packaging

This webinar will provide attendees an insight into a recently concluded report on various approaches for reducing virgin plastics in flexible packaging. As virgin plastic is derived from fossil fuels, and due to lack of any comprehensive degradation technology post-use, it adds significant pollutants to water bodies, soil and landfills. Therefore, various regulations have been introduced globally, which has prompted multiple stakeholders to develop novel approaches to reduce virgin plastic use in flexible packaging.

The webinar is based on an analysis of recent approaches adopted by various industry players and R&D groups to reduce virgin plastic use in flexible packaging.

Key-points to be covered in the webinar

This webinar will provide various stakeholders with an overview of multiple technologies and commercial activities adopted by major industry players to streamline three major approaches for reducing virgin plastic in flexible packaging.

  • Understand the evolution of each approach like recycling, right-size packaging.
  • Advantages and challenges of each technology
  • Comprehensive understanding of recent technology updates
  • Understating various regulatory criteria, testing condition and certification issued by multiple authorities globally
  • Major industry players take key initiatives in terms of collaborations, technology licensing, etc.
  • Technologies associated with reducing virgin plastic and the product related to these specifying percentage reductions in weight, mechanical and physical properties.

Aired on:  26th, 27th, 30th November | 10 AM EST | 04 PM CET

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