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Artificial Intelligence for Wellbeing and Comfort in Automotive Industry

The commoner now has access to a variety of modern conveniences. Automobiles are one of history’s most significant breakthroughs, and with the arrival of artificial intelligence, the industry is getting increasingly competitive.

The automotive industry is embracing artificial intelligence to provide comfort to drivers and passengers by relieving stress, discomfort, anxiety and improving visualizations, among other things. As a result, vehicle manufacturers have focused on user and passenger comfort as a top priority.

Making a commuter more comfortable when commuting increases an individual’s preference for a specific brand and vehicle type by instilling confidence and pleasure in utilizing a given vehicle. One approach to making a car more comfortable is to make it more spacious.

A traveler’s shift from home to a car can be made more accessible by incorporating amenities in a vehicle linked with comfort found in a person’s home.

Leather seats, adaptive and personal climate control systems, music and media players, ergonomic controls, and, in some cases, Internet connectivity, have all been introduced to automobiles by several manufacturers.

In this webinar, you will understand the application of artificial intelligence and other computational algorithms for the wellbeing and comfort of passengers and drivers.

Key points to be covered in the webinar

● What are the significant developments and sophisticated solutions in the automobile sector that use AI to improve well-being or comfort?

● What is the technology readiness level (TRL) of the identified solutions?

● Who are the solution providers in this space?

● What are the most current technical development trends, such as patent trends, scientific literature trends, recent activities, the launch of any new technological improvement, and so on?

● What solutions from other industries, such as aerospace/aviation, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, marine, railway, and others, can be implemented in the automotive industry?

● What are the critical technologies discovered by different companies such as wearables, sensor technology, heat, light, chassis, and others?

Aired on:  09th March | 11:30 AM EST | 8:30 AM PST | 5:30 PM CET, 10th March | 9:30 AM CET | 4:30 PM CST | 5:30 PM JST | 5:30 PM KST

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