Selecting IP valuation models to benchmark patent portfolio

Selecting IP valuation models to benchmark patent portfolio

The contributions of patents for any corporate success patents should be managed and valued. Innovations are of immense significance in attaining a competitive edge today; their protection may create durable corporate success. Innovations and patents are therefore considered to be success factors for companies of all sizes and industries. In view of companies’ increasing capital requirements and growing exploitation opportunities on inter-national financial markets, patents are also of considerable interest for stakeholders and investors. This could happen through IP valuation models. IP valuation can be carried out with the help of capital value, market price, and cost-oriented methods.

Hence, it is essential to understand the significance of IP valuation with different IP valuation models and benchmark the models based on IP valuation.

Key points to be covered in the webinar

This webinar will cover financial models for IP valuations and users. Based on the reason of valuation, all financial models will be benchmarked.

● What are we valuing?

● The objective of IP Valuation.

● Reasons for Valuing IP.

● Who can all benefit?

● IP Valuation Models.

● Benchmarking IP Valuation Models based on the reason of valuation.

Aired on:  03rd June | 12 PM EDT, 10th June | 03 PM CEST, 21st June | 05 PM JST | 05 PM KST | 04 PM CST

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