Cybersecurity in Quantum Computers era: Post Quantum Cryptography

Cybersecurity in Quantum Computers era: Post Quantum Cryptography

Future of cyber security in the era of Quantum Computers: Post Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computers are no more a futuristic thing!

Quantum computers are expected to be commercially accessible by 2030 and that has brought huge turmoil to the electronics industry. How can we safeguard or secure the traditional/legacy systems or edge devices from any attack from quantum computers?

Will the current encryption schemes be safe in the era of quantum computers? If not, then what is the solution?

Industry leaders have responded to the situation and have started developing new encryption schemes called Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) or quantum-safe or quantum resist cryptography algorithms.

Most of the current cryptography algorithms will be obsolete once the quantum computers are on the market and all the electronic devices and data encrypted with the current encryption schemes will be vulnerable to attacks.

Key questions covered in the webinar

  • What is post quantum cryptography and why do we need it?
  • How will post quantum cryptography safe-guard electronic devices and data?
  • Use case of post quantum cryptography
  • Latest updates on post quantum cryptography
  • Key players, start-ups, and investments in post quantum cryptography
  • Intellectual Property (IP) trends on post quantum cryptography.


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