Companies achieve sustainability via carbon footprint analysis

Companies achieve sustainability via carbon footprint analysis

Every organization is driven by its power of taking critical strategic decisions to attain its short-term and long-term goals. Such choices align with the company’s vision and mission, usually caused by the megatrends in the industry ecosystem. For instance, regulatory authorities implemented guidelines to reduce the overall carbon footprint to save the environment. Thus, companies are trying to achieve sustainable growth by formulating and implementing strategies to reduce their carbon footprint after comprehensively analyzing their processes.

Key-points to be covered in the webinar

This webinar will give practical tips to organizations present across the industry ecosystem on achieving sustainable growth in their business by effectively reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, we will be sharing a few case analyses for some of the leading players to help them reduce their carbon footprint based on our critical suggestions.

● Understanding the importance of life cycle assessment (LCA) towards carbon footprint reduction.

● Understanding the process briefly through case studies.

● Key steps or detailed methodology to carry out a life cycle assessment.

● Primary factors considered for the carbon footprint evaluation.

● Potential strategies indicated to reduce the carbon footprint and achieve sustainability.

Aired on:  20th, 21st January | 10 AM EST | 04 PM CET

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